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In-Person | Moulsham, Galleywood, East Hanningfield

I create classes that are FUN, where ANYONE can learn and every single person feels INCLUDED. 

My range of classes and services gives you the flexibility to choose the yoga instruction that best fits your needs and demanding schedule. Take a minute to look at my offerings and book a class or contact me today xx


PURE Foundations | Beginners Yoga
East Hanningfield Village Hall - Wednesday 625pm & 730pm
Galleywood Heritage Centre - Fridays 1030am
£60 | 6 Week Course

PURE Foundations is all about the building blocks of yoga, ill break poses down, variations will be offered and all equipment to assist will be provided.  Each week I will take you through the steps to not only ENJOY yoga but to come out the other side feeling like you truly know what you're doing.  Get comfortable being you, get comfortable in your body, learn techniques to strengthen the body and mind.  In the yogi world, I would say this is a cross between Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga depending on the week.  The difference is that vinyasa is more of a dance, the moves all flow together.  Both types of yoga work to release tension, improve strength and give you an amazing sense of empowerment within yourself.  

Class includes:

💜 45 minutes of yummy Hatha/vinyasa yoga

💜 10-minute PURE Relaxation 

💜 oodles of knowledge

*Suitable for All Levels - adaptations available.


PURE Relaxation | 90 Minute Relaxation & Soundbath
East Hanningfield Village Hall
630-8pm - Selected Sundays
£16 | 1x Class

Welcome, relaxation-seeker!

Join me for 90 minutes of blissful, undisturbed relaxation in the quiet village hall of East Hanningfield.

PURE Relaxation is designed to set you up for the week ahead.  A relaxing warm candlelit environment, fleece blankets, lavender eye pillows & the wonderful smell of frankincense will greet you.  Pour yourself a warm cup of herbal tea, find your space on your mat & enjoy the quiet.  We will start with breath work, grounding & affirmations.  Morning into a gentle yoga flow to open the mind & body, movement will release, repair & rejuvenate.  Followed by a guided meditation for true relaxation and to prepare you to receive all the wonderful healing a Soundbath provides.  Soundbaths detox the body, improve sleep, fosters healing, improves pain, stimulates immune system & lowers blood pressure.  Sound vibrations open, clear, and balance their chakras and release stuck energy resulting in a ‘lighter’ feel to the body & mind.  A soundbath seeks to balance our physical, emotional, and mental systems, restoring a sense of harmony.   You will come away ready for the most glorious sleep & ready to take on your week.
You don't need experience in meditation to try it. Anyone can benefit from the calming effects. 

*Please note there are a few Precautions and Contraindications for sound baths; Epilepsy, Pregnancy, Implants or plates in the body - please check with your doctor whether a sound bath is safe for you.****

This class is quiet, simple and involves a long period of stillness & rest. 

Class includes:

💜 A warm cuppa of herbal tea to start
💜 10 minutes of Breathing techniques
💜 30 Minutes of Gentle Yoga 
💜 10 Minute Guided Meditation into relaxation
💜 30 Minute Soundbath (Gong/Crystal Bowls)
💜 5 Minutes of silence for reflection
💜 oodles of knowledge

Indulge yourself and come join us.

In-Person | Moulsham, Galleywood, East Hanningfield: Classes

Attended one of my classes before? id love to know what you think! If you have a spare minute please pop me a review by following the link below, Thank you so much!

Pure_EnergiseAsset 2_300x.png

PURE Energise | Vinyasa Yoga
Galleywood Heritage Centre - Fridays 930am
£60 | 6 Week Course


Welcome beautiful humans!

Each week in our Vinyasa yoga class we work together on a different element of your developing yoga practice. A beautifully sweaty morning energising boost. Vinyasa yoga helps build muscle strength while improving your fitness. The fast-paced movements and physical challenge of Vinyasa yoga make it an ideal light-intensity cardiovascular workout.

Class includes:
💜 5 Minutes of Breathing techniques

💜 40 minutes of Vinyasa yoga flow
💜 5 Minutes of Relaxation to end
💜 oodles of knowledge

This class is suitable for anyone who would like a slightly more challenging class than my PURE Foundations class. We will explore building strength and introduce some of the slightly trickier poses. 

If you are unsure if this class is suitable for you please do pop me a message at below contact details.

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