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It's the journey that matters......

I am taking my own advice and 'enjoying the journey right now by taking the Easter Holidays as down time from social media & teaching to spend quality time with my two babies. I say babies they are firmly in the small child zone now, 3&5 years and I have to say its the first easter where I've enjoyed the activities with them! So please excuse my quietness on here & if you email/what's app me know I will get back to you, but it might take a little longer than normal. In the


“A woman is like a tea bag – you never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water” I am proud to be a woman, I am proud to be a strong woman who is able to guide & support others, despite the things that have tried to knocked me down, I continue to keep getting back up. I am proud to be a woman who is delicate, who cries & has anxiety attacks because she is so overwhelmed by what the world is throwing at her that she feels she could break. I am proud to know woman all

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